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"I will travel..."

My story of Stanford's HCI class 2012

In spring 2012 I participated in Stanford's Human-Computer Interaction online class. I was curious to see how such an online class would work out, and the topic was one I've cared about for a long time already. So when I saw the announcement I signed up and, after some waiting for the course to start, dived into the wonderful world of human-computer interaction.

The class consisted of a series of video lectures, some quizzes to check the learning progress, and a practical assignment. The assignments were set up as an ongoing project to go through the different stages of the creation of a user interface, from need-finding, over quick prototyping, to design and test of the user interface. Each stage came with a peer-assignment phase were you got feedback on your own work, and also got to give feedback on other projects. It was fascinating to see what others did. There was a lot of creative energy in the course.

This is the story of my project, which ended up being a personal travel assistant.